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Infographic Defeating Copyright Trolls

Infographic "Defeating Copyright Trolls" with the following content:

"Annoying Copyright Trolls With § 174 BGB "Poverty wants much; but avarice, everything." Publilius Syrus 200,000 Cease and Desist Letters Have No Power of Attorney. So Annoy Copyright Trolls With § 174 BGB (Article 174 of The German Civil Code): "Unilateral legal transaction by an authorised representative A unilateral legal transaction that an authorised representative undertakes in relation to another is ineffective if the authorised representative does not present a letter of authorisation and the other rejects the legal transaction without undue delay for this reason." kontakt at rarw dot de"

Are you a DSL customer or small business owner with online auctions and / or Web pages in Germany?

Sorry for my unusual English. My first language is German.

Especially foreign DSL subscribers and online business owner must know that in Germany there are three very bad business models with "Abmahnungen" (Warning Letters or Cease and Desist Letters) that turn online infringements into profit. The profit comes from out of court settlements between €250 to €2,000.

There are three business models for online infringement warning letters (Abmahnungen):

  • Copyright infringement warning letters,
  • Cease and desist letters for violations of the Unfair Competition Law and
  • registered trademarks

Copyright infringement warning letters

Many DSL subscribers in Germany receive a copyright infringement warning letter for publicly exchanging a copyright-protected blockbuster film or music album.

In your country abroad it is quite normal downloading films and music on Bittorrent websites like Popcorn Time and so on. It may be illegal but the copyright holders have no right to sue you. In Germany it is completely different. Copyright holders have the right to sue perpetrators of online piracy. Before they go to court they have to send you a copyright infringement warning letter, § 97 UrhG (German Copyright Act).

In my opinion Germany is the only country in the world where "Turn Piracy Into Profit" is the most successful business model for the international content industry (Hollywood and music labels).

Especially Wi-fi owners have a good chance to drop the claims from 915 euros to zero euros. There are two famous judgments of the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH), the Federal Court of Justice in Germany. They are called:

  • "The Austrialian Niece" case and
  • "The Expandables 2" case.

On the LinkedIn account mentioned above you will find more in-depth information.

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